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July 16, 2019

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What are your plans for summer 2019? A recent AAA study shows that 100-million Americans are going on vacation this year, with summer being the most popular season to travel. But if you’re one of the lucky not-so-few, then an important question looms just over the horizon…

What should you do with your watches and jewelry when you travel?

It’s a thorny problem, and we won’t pretend to have the perfect answer for everyone. Instead, we’ll offer some top tips and advice for those who want to travel with watches and jewelry – leaving you free to choose whichever approach works best for you.


Packing Advice for Watches and Jewelry

To pack or not to pack, that is the question facing travelers with jewelry!

Packing your jewelry can certainly be more practical than wearing it all as you travel – especially if you have a lot of items with you. While you could use each item’s original box, several of these together can quickly become bulky. Jewelry travel cases are a more streamlined alternative, allowing you to pack several pieces of jewelry (and watches), neatly and safely. Travel jewelry rolls are an even more compact option – although care is needed when packing jewelry this way, to avoid kinking or breaking chains.

It’s important to keep track of your jewelry, and you may prefer to keep it with you. If you’re flying, that will mean packing your jewelry in your carry-on luggage. If you’re driving, that will mean removing your bag from the trunk of your car whenever you stop.


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Be a Safe Tourist

It’s not unusual for tourist areas to be targeted by thieves on the hunt for smartphones, jewelry, watches – anything small and easy to sell for a profit. Don’t become a victim – follow the 10 steps in this guide to avoiding pickpockets.


Check Your Destination

It’s fair to say that some destinations are more ‘jewelry friendly’ than others. If you’re traveling with jewelry, then it makes sense to research your destination a little more closely. The travel companies don’t always like to publicize safety concerns, but a quick Google search is often all it takes to get a feel for how safe – or otherwise – your chosen destination is.


Choose a Hotel Room with a Safe

It’s not practical to wear your watch and jewelry every moment of every day. The time will come when you need a safe place to stash your valuables, maybe while you hit the beach or explore a local nightspot.

If you’re staying in a hotel, book a room with a safe – and never, ever leave valuables on display. At home or abroad, most hotel cleaners are honest people, but sadly some live in poverty and the sight of a $10,000 diamond-encrusted watch could prove a temptation too far.


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When Not to Travel with Jewelry

It hurts us to say it, but there are a handful of times when the risks of traveling with jewelry outweigh the rewards. If you’re heading somewhere remote, taking part in extreme sports, or visiting somewhere with an especially high crime rate, high-end jewelry could quickly turn from a dazzling accessory into a burden.

Unless you’re keen to spend your vacation worrying, then leaving your jewelry and best watch at home could be the smartest option. Safer still, if you’re likely to be away from home for a long time you may prefer to ask your bank about the cost of a safety deposit box.

From the whole team at OMI Jewelry, have a great vacation!

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