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We have an interest-free layaway plan that runs from 1-6 months from the initial date of deposit. Simply make a deposit on your item and we will keep your watch/jewelry aside for you until it is paid in full. Once you have paid for your purchase in full, we will ship your item directly to you. We charge a small one-time fee of 3% for items up to $10,000.00 and 7% fee for the items from $10,001.00 to $17,000.00 on top of the prices.

If the item is no longer available after your order is completely paid off, please allow for 2 to 8 weeks to complete the production of the item. Any cancellations will result a store credit toward a future purchase. Payments made for custom items are non-refundable.

This layaway offer is available only for items up to a maximum of $17,000.00.

Warning: Sale Ends In...

How does layaway works?

1. Select an item from our collection
2. Click add to cart 
3. Go to your cart page
4. Click LAYAWAY button 
5. Select amount of months for the Layaway Plan that best suites you
6. Full amount of item will be split in 1 to 6 months of equal amounts to be paid off in the 1-6 months depending on plan you have chosen

7. As soon as the item is paid for in full, we will ship item to you within 7-12 business days (Expedited Shipping Additional Fee)


What is Layaway?

Layaway is an agreement to purchase something and make payments over time (while the merchandise is being held for you) and once you complete all of the payments necessary to purchase it, the merchandise will be shipped to you..

Can I make payments before they are due or pay ahead

Yes. Payments made at anytime will be applied to your order balance without any additional fees.

How much do I have to pay to start my layaway?

To start the layaway plan, you have to pay the initial deposit of 10% of the total price of your order.

Can I cancel a layaway contract?

Yes, you can cancel any layaway contract. You will receive a refund, in the form of a store credit, of your payments made to date subtracting the service fees.

When do I get my product?

Your order will be shipped within 3-14 business days after your final payment.

Can I upgrade or change my order after making payments?

Yes. You will need to contact OMI Jewelry customer support to change your order and calculate your new payment schedule.


Due to market price changes, prices under layaway plans are subject to change without notice. Final price is determined at time of completed payments.