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October 18, 2019

Shopping for jewelry online is the best way to find exactly what you are looking for, and will likely get you the best price. However, there’s a catch with online shopping for almost anything -- finding the right size. You definitely don’t want to end up with the wrong size ring on an important day. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right size when shopping for jewelry online.

Before diving into your search, it’s always crucial to have a clear understanding of how you want your piece to fit. Even if you know your size, you made need to size up or down if the piece was designed to be worn differently. As long as you know what’s most important to you, then you will know what details to look for when shopping online.

Ring Size ChartRings

If you are shopping for yourself and don’t already know your ring size, there are two ways you can find out. Though it requires some legwork, you can get your finger sized at a local jeweler, or try on different ring sizes until you feel what’s most comfortable. If you are shopping for someone else, then try to borrow one of their favorite rings and have it sized by a jeweler.

In the event that you got the ring size wrong on the first try, you aren’t completely out of luck. In many cases, it’s possible to have your ring sized by your jeweler. At OMI Jewelry, you can have any ring custom-sized when you order. Simply contact us when you place your order and we will be happy to assist!

Necklace LengthsNecklaces

When it comes to the size of a necklace you are really considering the length. It’s important that you know what length you are expecting. If you are trying to visualize the length of a necklace on yourself, make sure you also consider the circumference of your neck because that can change how a necklace falls.

There are also several terms used to describe necklace length. These terms can make it easier to understand the length of a necklace without relying on the exact measurements. You can find these listed below:

Style Length
Collar 14"
Choker 16"
Princess 18"
Matinee 20"
Opera 24"
Rope/Lariat over 30"

Wrist MeasurementBracelets

When looking for bracelets online, you should always have an understanding of how you personally want the piece to fit. Consider if you want the piece to fit snug, loose, or somewhere in between. Once you know how you want your bracelet to fit, be sure to understand the way the piece was intended to fit. If there aren’t any size options and you want a loose-fitting bracelet, it’s important to know if the bracelet is intended to fit more snugly. 

If you have size options, research the scale-- sometimes you will find items sized small, medium, or large and other times you will find a more exact measurement. If you encounter exact measurements, then you can always measure your own wrist. Depending on the fit you prefer, add 1/8th” to 1” to the length.


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