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October 14, 2019

If you are new to watch collecting and buying online, you want to feel confident that the timepiece you purchase meets every expectation-- especially size. There are several variables that will influence the size of the watch outside of the standard case diameter. Below, we break down the most important things you should consider when determining the size of your next watch.

Know What You Want

Shop RolexWithout bringing fashion into the decision, some watches (especially large sports watches) simply won’t fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt. If you enjoy the look of a sports watch with a suit jacket, it will be important to pay attention to case thickness.

Oftentimes first time watch buyers focus on case dimensions too strictly. You should also have an understanding of how you want the watch to appear on your wrist. If you are looking for a large watch but have thin wrists, it will be important to pay more attention to case size and lugs

Finally, understand your wrist diameter and the strap and bracelet you would like to wear most often. Women’s and men’s watches come with straps and bracelets at different lengths. Online, watches are often listed by case diameter instead of gender, so you should pay attention to the bracelet length. However, it’s always possible to order extra links from a jeweler or the manufacturer. And if you are looking for a leather strap, then you can always easily adjust the length.

Understand Key Watch Parts

Case DiameterCase Thickness: this is the height of your watch case. More conservative dress watch styles tend to have a thinner case than larger sports watches. Consider what you will be wearing most often and the room you will have to accommodate your watch - if your sleeves tend to be tighter, then you may want to focus on a watch with a thinner case.

Case ThicknessLugs: these are the extensions at the top and bottom of the watch case that attach to the bracelet or strap. When looking at case diameter, lugs are not factored in. Be sure to take the length of the lugs into consideration when determining the case size you would like-- you don’t want to wind up with the lugs extending past your wrist.

Bracelets & Straps: there are different standard lengths for men’s and women’s watches. Men’s sizes typically range from 7.5 to 8 inches and women typically range from 6.75 to 7 inches. If your wrist size doesn’t fall into this range for a metal bracelet, then you are usually able to add links to customize the size. If you are shopping for a replacement strap, then be sure to choose the correct width. The width of the strap is determined by the width of the lugs on the watch case.

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