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June 17, 2019

Summer’s here again, and as the mercury rises it’s time to think about looking good in the sunshine. Accessorizing with stylish jewelry and a high-end timepiece could set you apart from the crowd. But with outdoorsy events and beach parties on the agenda, it’s important to choose jewelry and watches that can cope with the challenges that summer brings. This guide should give you a head start and help you avoid a fashion faux pas.


How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Summer      

Summer jewelry should be lightweight, practical, and fun; here’s why:


You Need to Stay Cool

Chunky jewelry can soon feel uncomfortable, especially if it sits tightly against the skin, so avoid heavy chains. Lightweight, slimline jewelry is a better pick and could help you stay cool in the hot summer sun.

We recommend: A simple pendant necklace with a lightweight chain is perfect for summer. Explore our range of pendants for women and pendants for men.


You Need to Stay Safe

Summer’s the best time to get active and enjoy athletic pursuits. But it’s smart to choose practical, safe jewelry that’s less likely to become damaged – or to damage you! If you’re playing sports, try to avoid large, flamboyant pieces that could be broken. And think about removing anything loopy, hoopy, or dangly before you play.

Our pick: Our women’s stud earrings are elegant and practical, while for men, a simple gold band is less likely to catch or get damaged than a more flamboyant ring.


You Want to Have Some Fun!

Most of us are at our best in the summertime; this is the season to relax, have fun, and put aside inhibitions. If you usually play it safe and opt for classic choices, then this could be the moment to branch out and try something bold.

We suggest: If you usually favor the ice-cool glamour of diamond jewelry, then mix things up by exploring our range of colorful women’s gemstone rings. For men, this emoji pendant – complete with sunglasses – is all about fun in the sun!


Choosing a Watch for Summer

If you have just one watch, and wear it 24/7/365, then it could be time for a new timepiece. Here’s what to look for – and what to avoid – when you choose a watch for summer:


Water Resistance

If you’re heading to the beach, or spending time poolside, then make sure that your watch is water resistant. Watches with aftermarket diamond bezels might look a million dollars, but customizations can lessen a watch’s water resistance – so we recommend you opt for something simple and practical.

Our advice: Many of our non-customized luxury watches are water resistant to 100 meters. The Rolex Submariner range was created with divers in mind and includes watches rated at 300 meters.


Leather vs Metal Watch Bracelets

Your watch’s bracelet can suffer if exposed to sweat, water, or prolonged sunlight. Avoid leather – which can be damaged by all of these, and choose a watch with a metal bracelet instead. Stainless steel is simple, classy, and affordable, while precious metals like gold make a bigger impact.

We recommend: Many of our Rolex watches feature the elegant and sporty Oyster bracelet, with options including stainless steel, gold, and two tone.


Diamonds are for Summer

The brighter the light, the better the effect of a brilliant cut diamond. These gemstones come alive in the sunlight, so – guy or girl – summer’s the perfect season to make a diamond your best friend!

We suggest: They may not be the best choice for the beach, but if your diary includes parties on dry land, then a diamond watch will add some sparkle to the summer sunshine.

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